Hostile Take Over Of Republican Party

This is How The Republican Party Dies, With Bang Not A Whimper

These are extraordinary times, we are witnessing the hostile take over of the republican party. Its been an ideologically bankrupt party. A victim of their own success, they already instated their good ideas, the ones which don’t work are the ones they are stuck arguing for, while in most Americans eyes these ideas have failed. In failing to adapt and admit that their remaining policies don’t work have; Neocon agenda: failed; Trickle Down Economics: failed; the shifting of jobs overseas: failed (although the legislation was written and emphatically embraced by the first Clinton Administration i.e., repeal of Glass Steagal, NAFTA – telling us jobs being shipped to China was ‘Good For America’ and would be a ‘great benefit’ to the American economy) – we will get to Hillary Clinton in a later article.

That said, after they had full reigns of the government  W.  had unprecedented power to push through any agenda. Americans saw us engage in two endless wars, one which is totally unfounded. Americans saw the economy bottom out and whatever money families had managed not to lose in the dot-com bubble has now been fully wiped away in 08. We saw no criminals being punished, and no calls for them to, in fact the opposite, instead they get blantly awarded with our tax payer money, and like King Bandits, they get away with the last heist.. for the moment. But we  get to the Current State of the Economy in a later article.

Instead of the party of ideas, they have become the party of nothing. Nothing worth adding, just blocking, blocking, blocking. Always looking into the past, as though unable to believe their vision. Unable to notice the world has fallen away from them. And why not? – For them nothing has changed. They play up their persona on TV stages like actors in a shakespearian play; – fully unconnected with reality. They are still well off — Hell They’RE Better Than EVER! –the world around them has changed. The mood of the country has shifted. While they’ve all been congratulating themselves on the back, Americans have become aware, and while at first suspicious they have now whole heartedly agree out in public spaces that we have gotten the con. We are not stupid. All they had was that we believed in their goodness. By ‘their’ I mean the whole political class in The Washington Ball Game. The Court Of The King, so to speak. America is slow to anger but..

This has left the Bush Republicans the shell of a party. A temper tantrum of a performance, a fiction, a dissertation of reality.

For years it has been obvious that this shell of a party would be filled by a revolutionary, a new vision, one which looks forward instead of being seduced into a mirror mirage of their golden dripped glory days back in the First Age of Reagan, when they swept into office filled with youth and ideas. Some of which were good ones, great ones even. But those have been accepted, oiled, integrated into arms of the GREAT American Social Machine.

For years it has been obvious: a Trump type figure would emerge -HAD-TO-emerge – for the party to continue on in survival. While many of us hoped that a possible new vision would lead to Ron Paul, many enthusiasts had great hope for a party with the potential to learn from its mistakes and embrace a new vision, a new revolution, a revolution of libertarian ideals, which, as the Bush Republicans had done, would come rushing in with the new age of ideas, they would come like wolves and thinkers, that we, the people, might actually gain an intellectual stake in one of our parties. Instead this has fallen to Donald Trump.

It’s a hell of a time to be in history. For better or worse, put on sunglasses and watch it with me. Welcome to my blog. Im in the mood for The Show.

Hostile Take Over Of Republican Party
Are we watching the birth of a entirely new party?


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  144. Chère Yvonne, est-il bien raisonnable d’attendre Noël pour l’offrir, alors qu’il y a tant d’occasions avant ? La Saint-Nicolas ou la grippe (un bon livre avec un thé bien chaud et on se sent déjà mieux) me paraissent tout à fait indiquées !Une fois votre lecture terminée, que diriez-vous de rédiger une de ces chroniques bien tournées dont vous avez le secret pour MOT COMPTE DOUBLE ?