Citizen United Breakdown

The Only Thing That Matters About New Supreme Court Judge

Citizen United Breakdown
Citizen United Breakdown

The only thing that should matter about the new supreme court justice is that they will cast a vote AGAINST Citizens United. How is that not the only question being asked/ reported on. While I do have some faith that Obama will pick justices who oppose it, I have very serious concerns that Hillary will not. Hillary’s pick will be unequivocally for Citizens United.

There are two major problems with America. Citizens United and our horrible trickle-down based ‘free trade’ agreements.

What we have here is a serious opportunity to right off the bat pick a judge who will strike down this horrid mess that is Citizens United. Bernie has promised to make executive action banning Citizens United. Let’s wait in hopes that he will be able to drag Hillary kicking and screaming into a promise to fill the courts with a judge who stands with the people for a change. Wouldn’t that be a nice bit of news for once.


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  11. Discrimination can be subtle or overt, masked or out in the open. But whatever its form, it is unjust and should be recognized in its multiple and egregious manifestations. Truman made tremendous in-roads towards redressing discrimination in the US military, and the Clinton Administration attempted to continue to do “the right thing.” The current administration is doing what other countries already did decades ago, and has taken a formal step towards regaining the US’ position as a global leader in the protection of civil and human rights.

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  19. I can't say I'm happy with the outcome of the election in New York, you would think that after 30years of demoratic control people would know better. The national outcome however was great, a total rejection of the current administration's agenda, one can only wonder why Pelosi didn't get the message.The only thing I'm not comfortable with is Boehner, I don't trust him. Let's not forget earlier this year when he came out in favor of the taxpayer flipping part of the BP clean-up bill.

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