1. Elderflower and champagne – my! My grandmother made rose petal jelly when I was of an age when I thought that Robinsons Strawberry was tastier. *hangs head in shame*I am deeply impressed that your husband’s decended from a Gainsborough painting, and from that Gainsborough painting in particular. One couldn’t take being descended from the Blue Boy particularly seriously.*hugs*AB

  2. Leo?Claro que o post é publicitário!Assim como seria outro, noutra loja de BD, se fizessem também eventos de algum género e ficasse razoavelmente perto do sítio onde moro!Desde que possa divulgo o que posso desde que esteja em ambiente da Banda Desenhada!Se fores a ver, farto-me de fazer isto com outros eventos.:|Rui EstevesÁhh… pensava que tinha sido hoje!:P

  3. I go to the NYSC on 49th and Broadway (in the Crowne Plaza)! I love the Body Conditioning classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and I usually swim Mondays, Thursdays and maybe Saturdays. It’s a pretty basic gym (and the fact that the pool is only 18 yards irritates me) but it gets the job done. Which one are you going to?Shannon recently posted..

  4. V good :-DThe purpose of Twitter can vary tho. It’s not all about the minutiae. I’ve just been followed by the Fabian Society, but I doubt this is because they want to know how often I eat entire chocolate oranges in one sitting. No, they’re following me because they think I know how to do that thing where your new blog posts are automatically tweeted. The poor fools.I’ve been meaning to ask, where in the south west are we talking about? Am trying to move down that way myself.

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  11. Hei vennen:-))Det var da et deilig bilde og stemningsrapport fra MoaBo:-)) Den lampeskjermen er bare helt d…fiiin altsÃ¥..og den var jo om mulig finere i virkeligheten…NÃ¥ kan butikkene stenge og vi ta ferie og det skal bli godt…(ferie for meg at butikkene er stengt vet du for da kan ikke slavedriverne fÃ¥ meg ut pÃ¥ hjul…)Snakkes før du vet ordet av det:-)Kooos kveld & Stooor klem Randi


  13. I hunt a lot and save all the scraps for the dogs when we bucehtr the meat. There is always that slightly ‘off’ piece of meat that I used to wonder whether I should turn it into burger or not. Now I just throw it into the dog food pile. I freeze the scraps in plastic bags. Our burger (or your ‘mince’) is better and the dogs love life. bY the end of hunting season I usually have 20 to 30 pounds of frozen dog food. (I hunt A LOT – one year we wrapped up 1400 pound of meat). Patrick

  14. True. I guess the flash animator would have to start their own Kickstarter project. However, they could do so knowing that they would have these initial funders and promoters to get the ball rolling. Whatever way works, it would be great to see this happen!

  15. Ieri sera al TG2 hanno riparlato dell'abbattimento da parte della Difesa Russa con un missile a salve. E nel servizio è apparso anche il cratere fiammeggiante…Ma l'Albo dei Giornalisti che ci sta a fare ? non li può "ammonire", "espellere", "multare" ? qualsiasi cosa ma tutelare la categoria da questo sfascio….

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  22. Wonderful! When (and if) I go to NY, I will definitely check out Mr. Uemura’s store. I heard somewhere that JLo had a pair of custom made mink lashes back in the day she was dating Diddy (or Ben?) These lashes do live up to the hype. Yours look very full but not fake-looking somehow. Love the cat with the lashes (is that Chicken?)

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  28. Loveliest Dannielle, I so wish I could reach through the computer and reassure you with a big hug. I think you’re wonderful, caring, loving and I so wish I could reassure you that things will be better than ok. Sometimes being a grown up sucks, I wish we didn’t have to worry about bank account balances driving us to do things that we don’t hate doing but would rather not be doing. Keeping your eye on the big picture is important though and I have every faith in you. xxxx

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  33. call it quits and start focussing on topic guys.What have we concluded here?Every film maker has a right to film whatever he/she wants to and another film maker has whatever rights to include it in a DVD copy now ppl who dont like it create a propoganda site or something against DB and vent it out or submit an iView to PFC PFC will, I am sure publish it. This personal hedge fighting calling names and pulling each other down in the name of argument is sickening to read and that too beyond 100 comments.

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  35. There was sound, but it died – oh well. The dolphins looked the best! It’s going to be intense to watch and see what they will do with the vikings’. They seem pretty focused and beast. They have motivation on the road, so they are looking good toward’s there goal to start fast. Im hoping this weekend will be the air attack with chad and brandon we have all been waiting for. Since the vikings will prolly throw the deep bombs downfield, the dolphins should do the same.Do you agree?

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  37. I think I called it on a previous post that Team 10′s design would prove too expensive, so Team 3′s design would win by default. This would side-swipe the appearance of “playing favorites” exposed by Brussat, while ensuring a result that everyone wanted in the first place.It is a crying shame that we can’t have a blind, fair national architectural competition. Perhaps the governor should appoint a commission to study the problem?

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  48. Margie – These are fabulous pictures! And the models are just beautiful…..and HANDSOME! The little girl reminds me of an ‘ol schoolmate that went around making up dances to Michael Jackson songs….hmmmm…….what was her name again? heehee! What a beautifully blessed family! You did a great job, Alex!

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  51. For one it was stupid to take the kittens away unless they were being neglected or abused. It was common for Egyptians to pierce cat's ears and they adored them! The cats were decorated with gold jewelry as a way to show how important they were. While I would never pierce the ears of an infant it has become a common practice and I've never heard of any harm coming from it.

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  53. Fellow rock collector here. I can understand that pull to stare at your feet, even with a spanse of water nearby. Every time we head North to Lake Superior, we all come home with a few more stones. Maybe it’s a way to stay connected to place. Either way, I’m envious of your stay at the ocean!

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  56. I would have to agree with you on the sleeveless raglan . . . not so sure those are in style. I like the way you did the stripes, instead of just going, 123123123. I think it looks good so far. I still like those neutral colors together.

  57. exactly the same thing to me AND my mum too when I went to get my leaving cert before going to Australia. He even told me that my mum’s ruining my life and future if we choose to leave their top school and guess what,he didnt even sign the cert for me in the end. I went back to re-request for one a year later.It’s my right, i am entitled to have it! I’m so glad I made the choice and left and I wish I could tell him that I’m now happily persuing my dreams. Might not even be here now if I stayed on in TTSS. Haha =P I’m sure Hong Yi made a smart move too =)

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  59. But the valid point that Wilful is making is that for most of the middle class the ‘never done it so tough’ meme is simply incorrect, and by pandering to this lie, commentators and politicians are doing the country a diservice.Can’t get my hands on it, but I’m sure that there was a very recent analysis which showed that the majority are actually better off than they were 5 years ago.

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  65. I borrowed this from Pastor Chad, “The greatest man in history, named Jesus, had no servants, yet they called him Master. Had no degree, yet they called him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb; yet, He lives today. (Merry Christmas!)”What greater gift could we ask for? Grace and peace, Linda

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  68. ricardo_recife disse:Clesio, você tem alguma razão, mas lembre-se que os pilotos dos F-15 ao treinarem com F-5 agressores a curta distância tinham uma dificuldade enorme para colocar os Tigres na mira. Acredito que pequenos caças ainda dão muita dor de cabeça a grandes caças. Nada como os Mig’s 17, 19 e 21 vs os F-4, mas ainda dão muito trabalho. Os pilotos dos F-15 nunca gostaram de treinar com os F-16 no estilo O.K. Corral.

  69. you look so good in chocolate brown vix. do you guys ever camp while on vacation? i guess i wouldn't either b/c rooms are so affordable, but i was just wondering.btw – i'll never win a mother of the year award that's for sure!xo

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  71. The best commentary on the anniversary of this tragedy that I have read. In the midst of the trauma came the birth of Girlyman. Your music has moved me to laughter, tears and has helped a left coaster try to understand the trauma of that day. Love to you all and complete and utter happiness at Doris’s good news. Keep touring Girlyman, You are all one of a kind.

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