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America, The Big Picture, Beyond 2016

Obama’s pushing through of the TPP trade deal (and the Republicans actually voting in favor of him being able to ‘Fast Track‘ trade deals) because trade is basically an issue where we are a One-Party system. Trade has been an issue which we have had no choice over in my lifetime. Perviously there has been no outcry against it. It has been represented as a matter of fact, not a choice out of many.

Trade is the biggest issue this election. The problem is these American trade deals are self destructive. More than any other issue, our trade policies are responsible for destroying the middle class. And that’s been a democrat to republican to democrat handoff.

Obama had to pass TPP because they let him be president, just like he had to pass the Wall Street bailout. He did have a choice on the car bailout though – which this publication supported (the more moral of the bailouts).

Look, the Fed gave something like 17 trillion dollars to foreign entities without even telling the people. We only know because of Bernie Sanders/ Paul audit.

Im not saying the president of America doesn’t have power, he does, but unless there is a massive ground swell, he governs for those closest to him first. This starts with the money interests, those who paid for his election, those are his first bosses.

The trade policies that have been enacted for the past 20 years are all horrible and deadly for the country. That 17 trillion the Fed handed out is a pay off for countries staying on the dollar. Once the dollar isn’t the main world currency, America will be stuck holding their massive and horrifying debt and end up more crippled than post WW1 Germany.

That’s the real reason for the wars we cause, we can’t allow any block of rich governments to trade outside the dollar. Notice once Russia made its deal to start trading with China in yen, the oil markets cut out? Because that is Russia’s only real income. The whole thing is financial institute chess. It’s better than a world war for dominance, but if America ceases to produce anything besides movies and weapons our whole system is eventually going to crumble. Its already crumbling. Black unemployment rate is fucking insane. For males my age and younger the bracket is something like 70%, also the reported unemployment numbers are absolute bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong, obama has improved the economy, but its far from good and nothing was changed after 08, we are just doubling and tripling down on this behemoth built on wind and air. We need to bring jobs back home now, there is a moral argument to be made that our countries previous wealth has helped lift up poverty worldwide, but that argument no longer applies if our trade policies don’t change with the times. They’ve had us believing for so long that jobs getting shipped over seas and such is just the way the modern world is.

But no, it doesn’t have to be that way, we need to keep what real wealth we have in the country within the country, otherwise we lose the galactic game of financial chess too. We need a real economy, where money is generated in real goods, where business profits can be taxed so we can fix our goddamn roads.

What the elite have done is transfer the wealth of the country into their own pockets and the pockets of their friends over seas. Its all part of the trickle down shit. Nafta, TPP, etc, same shit. Its all the same scam. Trickle down ‘free trade’ tricksters need to leave. Have to leave.

Kasich – should he win in contested convention – is just as bad! Maybe worse! He wants full amnesty for all illegal immigrants which is just more horror for american jobs and pay rate, the more illegals that come in the more citizens pay checks drop (thats not racist and I’m sick of it being cast like that), he wants to take out assad and would continue all the Obama/Hillary wars, he’s 100% pro NAFTA, TPP, ect. He’s an extremist like hillary. I don’t see any reason why Kasich would be any better.

The media isn’t able to direct the narrative as much as they used to, especially, to their credit, among conservatives. Having gotten duped into supporting the worst foreign policy decision our country has ever made by W. they are now hesitant to believe anyone.

The media doesn’t even want to touch trade stuff and is only doing it reluctantly. trumps main thing is the trade issues. the media hypes up all his obvious flaws, but when you see him speak he mostly talks about trade, of course with all the dog whistles between, but its seriously a trade-centric campaign. I would like to see a real candidate emerge with similar trade policies.

There’s Bernie, but there’s no way in hell he will win, he won’t go far enough to take on Hillary. He holds back on her and because of that, and because of who she is, he has no chance. What his campaign does is force her to pull left. So power to him for that, but him winning?? No way in hell. Unfortunately. Even if he did win, he would be blocked at every move by congress.

Honestly, i think the candidate is eventually going to have to come from the right. From the republicans. Thats the only way the party will ever get its foot off the damn brake. Of course, they will work with hillary, since most real republicans are voting for her anyway this year. So we are stuck with her. Four years of bullshit.

american flag
american flag

Then I’m predicting a strong candidate on the republican side which is on the right side of the trade issue. We got rid of goddamn slavery in the country, we sure as hell can switch our trade policies. I’m optimistic about that. It will take a movement though, and there is, as this election so underlines, definitely a strong one growing, and that makes me happy.


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